Shkreli was so graceful. Can’t say the same for some of the interviewers tho…


I really like Stephen Fry, and he makes some very good points here, but 1) he is, in a way, attacking a straw man. I am guilty of pedantry, but that doesn’t mean I have no appreciation for innovative or creative use of language. The whole reason why I love PG Wodehouse is because of his unorthodox use of common words to express even the simplest things in a hilariously fresh, descriptive way. This tirade of Fry’s groups every pedant into extremes with no allowance for degree. I cringe at “five items or less” but love verbing nouns. And 2) with regard to Stravinsky and Picasso and just about every other avant-garde artist who came on the scene, they fully understood the traditional “rules” before they broke them. Their genius was in how they were able to take traditional notions and turn them on their heads. This leads to 3) clarity IS ultimately an issue. I tutor college students who know so little about language, they are completely unable to make their thoughts comprehensible to their audience. When they write, they randomly slop words on the paper with no more consideration than an elephant slinging paint onto a canvas. They have no idea of the fine shades of meaning between words, nor do they have any concept of simple grammatical rules that ensure that someone who is outside their heads will understand what they have written.

I’ve been attempting – and failing – to write an essay for over a week but I’ve now finally managed to complete it, with the help of this music. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

That looks very cool, that’s exciting stuff!

I got the last laugh

Best lecture sir

Attacking in self-defense because of speaking your mind,(???) first of all, stupid, second of all, just no, and not being able to attack back, stupid.

Nah I don’t feel threatened by SJWs or feminists. I’m annoyed that they blame any injustice or inequality contrived of warped statistics on oppression. It’s a tough world sometimes. Be the tough bitch that you all so embolden and prosper in spite of it. All I know is my mom came straight out of the Philippines got through school, worked a lot of different jobs, using her knowledge started a company and is now worth half a billion. She got a BS in Marketing and she’s one of the ditsiest people I know. What got her through was her infectious passion for life that draws people to her, unstoppable drive fueled by a mother who gave everything to get her to America and… well… balls. To risk everything for an idea she believed in and fought for. No one could tell her no.

It is that we are one with nature and are not seperate beings which are encountering a foreign world. Giving each other names is a useful invention for social communication it but doesn’t depict reality. When we say that somebody has a big ego, we mean that he is full of himself. But even the ego in the sense that one thinks there is a thinker seperate from the toughts, a feeler seperate from the feelings is delusional. Enlightened people regain the same state of conciousness as a baby before it was told what society expects of it. The tricky thing is to realise that “I” can’t do anything to regain the oceanic feeling of the baby because the adult point of view is entirely based on the fiction that one is a seperate being. When one says that I am a Zen-Buddhist, it has a certain touch to it that one doesn’t really understand what it is about. One doesn’t say “I understand Zen” because a person who really understands it would formulate it differently due to the realisation that the ego doesn’t exist. Our physical organism is one continuous process with nature while the ego is our idea of ourself.

c. Keep prices stable (inflation rate)

Do you want lost your time? read this comment

I recommend you to take a second look at Iran’s history. some of the facts in this video were inaccurate. maybe change your references. try to look at it from a different point of view. know that you are responsible for these videos. You seem like a good guy so please take another look and if you change your mind make a second video. thanks

Vee. say it again.

“The purpose of human life, not matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved.” – Kurt Vonnegut

Very good


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