Crashcourse, crashcourse! Do Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, or Metamorphosis by Kafka or Little Prince!

And collaboration, but our political and religious leaders constantly engage in

Compare “The supreme good is like water” and “The best man is like water” . the first translation is better than second one.

Well than we have to depopulate the world with a pandemic and a few people can act like rich pensioned people playing golf swimming playing card gambling and other people are no longer needed like slaves and robots do the work, so no human needed any more, only causes trouble…

Value: A-

Losing jobs is only a bad thing when we actually need jobs; as humans become less necessary for work, work becomes less necessary for humans.

[Chorus]We’re no strangers to love

How dare you! You are totally wrong lady. With all due respect, he talks like no one I know or any family members of mine, or friends. My family is articulate and well spoken, and we are very middle class. He speaks the way he does is because he does not READ and is completely inarticulate. What is even sadder is that he is proud of that fact that he does not read. Reading not only builds your vocabulary, but also shows you how to use words in their correct context. Reading also helps with a person’s imagination. Imagination is something very lacking with Mr. Trump. I would bet good money that he could not name a single Pulitzer Prize winning book, or name 10 best selling novelists in the past 10 years.

Eeeemmm… im not sure if this is THAT important… i never thought of that, and i always thought that mcu movies looked alot better than dceu movies

It was brought about logically, but I suppose it was just the logical means to an illogical end.

Or creed and there is no mention of a race-based caste system in

Or do your work like Rihanna:

Actually we are forced or else we fail social studies… and our teacher is mean…

Indian bastard

It’s really owsm sir apke padhne ka style bhot he mast hai

It’s 2017 now.

The sticker at the back of the laptop says “this machine kills fascists” lol.

I agree with your points but your examples remind me of a 360p divx rip of a spanish soap opera

Fascinating man that exposed aspects of society that are hidden to most people. I hope I’m as active and lucid as he is at his age.

Marvel films are ruining cinema in every aspect

Mr. Clifford, I don’t know if you’re ever going to read this, but I had a really bad teacher and followed your videos all year long and at the end of the year I got a 4 on the AP exam and received college credit. Thank you for what you do.

Decide what is better for you a paper book or an e-book. Many of the e-readers by Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo have dictionaries pre-loaded on their devices, with options to download additional ones, for free. If you do not have an e-reader, you do not have to buy one, because you can download it as a free app to your phone and use it right away. Writing your own notes, searching or making highlights is ridiculously simple with an e-reader or e-reading app. Anything you do with an e-book is also synced to the cloud, ensuring any change will follow you, no matter what device you are on.

U question 7 ummmmmm.. uhm i am just using my phone now y u ask me um duuuh😐

You really didn’t say nothing about what Buddhism is about? To finally get out of the cycle of reincarnations and stop our suffering? Nothing really lol?


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