Powerful Tony. Loved it.

Who came here cause of presentable liberty

Black niggers are the most racist people on earth. This video is a proof.

I enjoyed this while studying for my test. Reminded me of childhood videogame music.

And what is striking is that they may be respected warlords,

What Super weapon the Human faction would have… NUKES OF COURSE!

Great video keep going


Imagine what would happen if in the same vein you set up an academic field that takes white culture as normative,

@DimebagVision You misinterpreted me on both counts – I didn’t criticize students texting, as you initially stated – nor did I criticize “texting right after class,” into which you backpedaled – If you read the whole reply in context, you see it was aimed at the **priorities of students.** (i. e. recreation>studying) You’re focusing on a mere illustration and making an unrelated, irrelevant point – That I am against texting after class, which I’m not, nor did the context of that statement imply.


Shallow Hal

40:20 fat cunt

I am awesoem..

It helps for the first time I listen to it but I was so sleepy the second time listening for it to write my essay >.< now i gotta take a nap cuz i srsly can't type anything else for my essay

S. A

People should not be afraid of expressing themselves even if there is a camera pointed at them, if he likes the shirt, he should be allowed to wear it. He should not cover in fear of offending someone.

To the author of this video: Just because you can cut different camera views does not mean you should. I had to listen to this video in the background instead of watching it because that cuts are distracting. And sound quality is too low with constant background noise so even listening is not easy. I’m a legit student doing this small gig! thanks

A Long Walk to Water – Linda Sue Park


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