Try the Heart of Darkness

This video makes actually A LOT of sense if you are open minded and dont conform to an ignorant form of thinking. This speech helped me make over 34k in a week, and 2 weeks before that I was unemployed and I have no final formal education, havnt even graduated. Looks like you need to start looking at things differently, because trust me, this makes sense.

Very helpful

This was so great I could cry. Nothing like like my lecturers in the UK

Thanks..Its helps me lot…

1.repeat, repeat, repeat->persist

When you say that my statement of qualifications must support my resume. Can you provide an example of this.

He speaks like a 5 year old lier.

I cannot thank you enough for this video. Many thanks! It’s not often you find gold on youtube

I graduated School when I was 19, then I went to London to work as an AuPair (I’m German) which was honestly the best year of my life, but when I came back it was too late to apply for Uni, so I stayed home for a year and worked at a Supermarket. Now I’m 21 and I just started Uni in Berlin, but I didn’t get the letter that said my korean class started two weeks early which is why I’m so far behind I’m not sure if I can ever catch up and I also can’t find a room to rent and don’t know anyone here so I’m wondering why I even wanted to come here in the first place, but if I drop out now I’m gonna have to wait another whole year.. I just don’t know what to do

Hi, I enjoyed your video! Could you maybe do one over the gender parts of languages? It’s hard to understand for me. Thanks!

(for those who don’t know, auto is the Dutch word for car)

Great presentation. We all live this everyday so its nice to see it simplified in such a way. Of course, there are a lot of variables but that would be a very long video. lol

You won, I don’t know what but you won.


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