Sorry, I don’t talk like a third grader! Or jump between topics before I finish a sentence. Or put down people who are helping me or on and on and on…

Removing Mossadgh from power wasn’t a codetta, because majority of the people didn’t like him at time he nationalize Iran’s oil and many countries decided not buy Iranian oil. please don’t give too much credit to CIA for that reason which isn’t true.

He speaks his mind charmagne dont know how to turn down sometime, while he is selling you his bullshit..too goofy..idk there was a brother in pharma like that in that time frame..great story he needs a movie so this can motivate other black folk to dive into the pharmaceutical making if there are any. No publicity is bad publicity so i know the wu ain’t mad they prolly laughing their ass off to de bank..

Why is everyone on here a student?

Read Karl Popper, Scott Anderson, or Thomas Hodgkin if you want to educated yourself on the concept.

Short and simple. Love it. 🙂

Next: Field Niggas

Thats so true and the humanity cant anderstud that! Why….

Burn in hell I hope your mother rapes you you lied to me give me Muppets I hope you get crucified Love Alberta

But every major university has a bank of good ideas that they’re eager to help people commercialize, sometimes by giving them cash, so that the university can earn royalties on them.

Balu, j, p, l

The same logic works for the two doctor’s cases.

Inside Soviet Russia

My handwriting is never the same twice

Yes it was on Gambling



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