LOL the inbox outbox game is like ladder logic program.

Chomsky: Capitalism is evil.

This is so true, it’s scary. P. S. I get like 13+ hours of sleep a day. I wouldn’t be able to function on 7

Saw the Gallifreyan, blanked out half the video thinking about the Doctor Who reference.

* 42 swans

(status form) as / like dog = kutyaként / ebként (essive-formalis)

This woman must be on drugs. I literally do not know anybody that massacres the English Language so thoroughly. I would think that a linguist would be less forgiving. I’ll bet she enables her children and gives them trophies for waking up in the morning.

What iis a microcosm?

Hi…liz..thanks for such a good lesson. could you tell me please how i can get the 5.5 in writing because i already gave the exams but i could not got the 5.5.i l just obtained the 5 band. could you help me how i can increase my band.

And these same freaks would know the detailed history of statue of liberty but would do a LOL at the mere mention of the works of the likes of Sushruta.

I read Romeo and Juliet last trimester in English class, and it was a pretty good play except for that Romeo and Juliet are both complete dofuses… dofi?

There is only one barrier to fake news, genuine critical thinking, that more than an isolated event of analyzing a particular article, critical thinking is a daily practice, is like going to the gym every day to keep yourself in shape, the same goes with critical thinking, you should practice every day, be aware of your bad habits of thought and change them, identify deep hardcore beliefs, and try to take the opposite position, for instance if you are deep believer of the free market, take the other position. This requires some mental hygiene, some emotional intelligence to be able to disconnect any emotional attachment to those concepts, ideals & values you hold dear and very close to you, and see them as the opposite position, with the example of the free market, if you think is about freedom and that emerges from freedom try to take the position that is against freedom, or that isn’t about freedom at all, what freedom means to you, change that meaning, etc.

Eastern philosophy is incomplete without ” meditation”

Over Analyser!

Lets take a moment of silent to bless and thank god for this man


How about Chekhov, if not Dostoevsky? Or Lertmentov or Bulgakov. 🙂 I am always interested in what you put out, Alain

Good speech

Frodo is not human hes a hobbit

Commision paid to sales staff 10

LOL “are you a lesbian?” it was a victim of hate speech!!

Its so thick I can taste the Post-Modern Neomarxism

My personal favorite conlang, toki pona, features 14 sounds:

I don’t understand why this has to be a binary issue. I’m sure there’s innate, statistical differences between the sexes that go beyond the genitalia and the body. But there’s also plenty of data about people exaggerating their gender-specific qualities when they have the incentive to appear more desirable for outside observers. So even though sexuality is heavily bounded by biology, there is a cultural and performative component to it which we must understand in order to understand the human condition. Let’s stop this silly either-or bickering.


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