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Haha im sorry for you losers who funded that half ass game.

Is that Robert de niro with a beard??


If any work gives to me someones, firstly i am so confusion, tension because in my inner says ” you can’t handle that work”.

A video on the message of the BHAGAVAD GITA might be also better.

Text Statistics

The Best Introductory Tutorial I have seen till now! Thanks a lot…! The way you explained was incredible.

Writing a 7-8 pages double spaced essay answering several questions regarding the major contributors to international relations and political thought in the ancient world and their philosophies, also have to compare them: Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Augustine, Pericles.

And I really don’t care if I’m nameless

One reasoning no one gave was that: By pushing the fat guy onto the trolley to save the others, you’re completely ignoring the fact that – 1. You might be Killing someone even though there’s a slight chance of the trolley stopping at the very last moment, and perhaps it won’t end up killing others rather just injure them.

If the machines learn to do our jobs better than we do them and can therefore both produce the resources required by us and them, then humans will no longer have to work because the machines will provide them with whatever they need or want and can still produce the resources needed by the machines themselves in order for them to sustain.

I’d say a true free market can’t exist. It’s impossible. In a true free market, corporations could get away with pretty much anything. Big corporations would eventually dominate the markets they operate in, driving smaller competitors out of business and becoming capable of deciding whatever happens in that market. At the end of the day, they’d effectively have become a kind of government.companies like Comcast or Time Warner are excellent examples of this. There are many areas where only one company serves, and they’ve essentially agreed which are belongs to what company. Starting competitors will be met with lawsuits and other practices that quickly run them out of business. Imagine what would happen in an even more capitalistic society. They’d have even more power than they already have. A likely scenario would be one in which the ISPs could charge even more, could get away with poorer services, and perhaps gang up with the local construction companies, and include their service in any home and office by default. You couldn’t even buy a house without also taking a subscription that you can hardly even afford.

I WANT THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!

I just bought one of your shirts!

Is this vid. true???????? ugh dont know it

Dear Crash Course…Nietzsche was never associated with any nationalist groups, he actually was very critical about the rising nationalism during his time (just check his criticism against Wagner). Parts of his work were used (after his death and by nationalists who approached his sister) in order to give some ethical “wight” to the fascist ideology. This is just a popula hoax which unfortunately was used by you.

I’m trying to achieve a B in literature

He used technique to make his lecture more effective by depreciating the students at first that you don’t know what native englishman speaks



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