What a shitshow when talking about communism and command economies, and especially socialism. “Those who support socialism would point out Denmark’s….” Closed the video right there. Figures that it took 3 episodes of capitalism 101 to get to any alternative and even then they dub it down and give like two line son it and don’t actually say anything about socialism except for that liberal drivel about scandanavia and north korea.

His success can be measured by the way he makes the people commit to the talk, just the difference between the first time he called for an “I” from the crowd and the second one its amazing.

Awesome.. this is learning in a fun way.. !! THANK YOU DAVID.

There are no rock missiles and you can’t transport bots from another planet with rockets and no anti-Halley missiles but the game is still awesome!

Porque gona


He’s kinda hot. Just me? ok.

It, s so cute!

The most important thing to talk about is climate change, because without a healthy planet there isn’t a population in the future.

In “Rick Potion #9” when they find their dead bodies, Rick also says “It’s not like we can do this every weekend Morty, we’ve got three or four more of these tops” so I think he kind of expects to be arrested or to turn himself in soon enough?

What an overexaggerateabled movie its. =P

No part 2?

His mom’s a janitor making 50k a year? big red flag.

This is a nice video 🙂


Omg I fully agree about the PEE/PEAR/PEAL/PEEL whatever the hell you wanna call it. Since I was in year 7 I’ve found it hard to restrict myself to it and thought it was unfair in year 9 when they started telling us we were “too big for it” after I finally managed to adjust to it. Ugh the frustration. It’s midnight now I should probably go to bed.

This guy smells of money…..

How is Kanye West’s album an intellectual good?:P


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