Soon to be a movie by Warner Bros.

Great video dude

Does it really count as counting the infinite, if you never finish?

I am Mohammad Haider from Afghanistan. I have a question if you explain me in detailed explanation about Limited Company in Example of Microsoft. Because I have doubt about that If Microsoft is a Large Corporation so if it ownership limited to its Shareholders then what does the Bill Gate Own in the Company?

Crash Course Philosophy?

Ye ye ye prostrate and bow in deep reverence to the greatest of greatest saint o b a m a the munificent, the most refined educated and perfect of men.

Brilliant Video, worth a watch, your voice is relaxing, and you flow from each point to the next really smoothly, love it!

Thank you

Dear Liz how much essay in writting task 2 total? plz hel me

I’m a slave but that’s ok bc so r u

YES!!YES!!! please listen to this man. Thank you for speaking for all of us. Young generations we are the future. Love to this man MUA MUA

The presentation was made very profesionally and I learned some very interesting facts that will be useful for me and a lot of other people who have watched this video! Thank you so much!



Excellent video

Very useful

Sad reality

That aside: awesome vid, guys. Love your work. Keep it up.

3 strikes and you biddin’ for life, mandatory(A)

An amazing thinker.

2001: Space Odyssey?


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