You can say Taiwan is a region, she is not a country. Since the US government don’t recognize Taiwan as a country.

Amazing and so.. artistic.. I am in love in.

@1:41 ….. wth was that? clue – eye

Can we get there fairly? What’s realistic. Aren’t we stuck? Maybe not. Watch “ManKINDer” on youtube!

Http://chamba. coop/el-trabajo-del-futuro/inteligencia-artificial-adios-al-empleo

Can’t wait for Laozi

The small slappy noises as little joker hit little batman

These are clearly not white ppl talking

Day of the exam!


We need more like you walking on the Earth Emma!


I’m vegan

I feel more ready for my exam with these videos than with the tutors 😐

I’m currently in Delhi.

I’m in college guys. This man is good. Learn from him!

Chomsky didn’t touch none of that Google water shit.

It’s very hard to cure depression when nobody in your life believes that you suffer from it, especially parents. I had been suffering from depression for 3 years already and i hadn’t been treated at all.

Dat was good!….But I didn’t find the sixth episode plz make dat one

Or she should have said aren’t you?


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