Bernie’s accent is a-doh-rable.

At The School of Life, and anybody well versed in Foucault: does anybody have exact sources and quotes from Foucault about his viewings of history that you summarise near the end of this video, or are these simply attitudes to be inferred after reading all his works?

Very simple language use, thank you very much sir.

Lol humans are resourceful…it really works for me

Always knew young thug was a genius but now it’s confirmed

To bad it didnt get funded i really wanted to play this.

Well, yes, but the indo-Europeans are not all white people, prior to us, the basques dominated Hispanic and Mycenaean all of Greece.

Of a grey, multicultural, racially mixed blob of human resources with either t*ts and v*ginas or else p*nises,

Look up Mase in 97… good rhyme schemes within the song

Jack, if you do more videos of this, why don’t you use the jump command? It repeats the respective lines of command/s.

2. In Search of Lost Time, Wuthering Heights, Count of Monte Christo, The Little Prince, 1984

Now both are almost wholly Islamic and this, again, was not a vague prediction but something very explicit. I can give you a hundred more if you want that require no backbending interpretation to fit.

How can I write about this Social Media and Human Right Violation


Nice lecture:)


I have read him in the past, and he does a lot of talking, so hang on! If anything I can take away from his message is his energy. His energy ignites the GIANT within you. You do not have to be a world renowned, guru, or famous. Your GIANT may not have that capacity, but it certainly encompasses the thing that satisfies you.

In Czech we also use case called vocative case – used to address someone (even something). There is an example: “Good morning, mother!” is “Dobré ráno, matko” (matka is nominative, but matko is vocative). In total Czech uses 7 grammatical cases (nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, vocative, locative, instrumental).


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