Being morally correct is something which comes with the liberty to make decisions on our behalf. if it was the need of the situation y didn’t the gentlemen cut of their own limbs n arms to survive, that’s is both legal n morally acceptable. we often overlook possibilities because one of the options is much easy n appealing

I req sir plszz ek video macroeconomic identifies(GDP, NNP, GNP,

I want to thank you for the videos. I would love to take some of the workshops. I am a first year teacher who has an ECOT in October. I would love to see if I can email and speak with you from time to time. Thank you and I need a workshop in September, I’m coaching basketball all summer.


Really Accurate!

Necesito ver esto unas 20 veces mas

28:10 to 41:31 is where this Human documentary takes a turn for the worst and tries to convince women that they have it harder than men, thus adding to a hatred between the genders. It’s a lie based on a culture that is cultivated by these women themselves not just the men of there societies.

Thnqqqq mr cIifford i passed econ bcoz of u :'( – A-IeveI student

And cheap general purpose computers have destroyed a lot of what makes humanity great. Imagine what will happen when brain power itself gets replaced.


Great video, keep it up

Father Capital is Raping Mother Earth……..

“What am I in danger of losing?”

Well, Id Change CoH and AoE, but the Top 3 are probably well chosen

I think he uses the wrong definition of skepticism, or at least perhaps uses the version found in common parlance which is completely different to actual scientific skepticism. Maybe someone would like to try and clarify this?

Will you guys look at different types of economies as well as different countries and their perspectives and ideas please?

What a great lecturer

Do the guy from 8 mile and eminem

These are all by the same author.

Great video

Amazing how the Armenians who are Apostolic were never assimilated despite being surrounded and repeatedly taken over by muslim scum.


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