I watched a bunch of these review videos the day before my macro final and I got a 97% on the exam! 🎉 I’ll probably be back when cramming for the AP exam in may!

Instructive(with, using):

Best…u have made my concepts strng now…:-)

Your rhyme, his rhyme, no rhyme, none

Thank u sir for making economics easy to us…….

His description is amazingly accurate. It’s crazy

Interesting stuff I am excited to see how the boardwalk release goes! I enjoy the swarm city content!

9:22 What was that about?

Mo ricorda un programma di scrach che è molto simile a questo

Fuck this shit

Have you read War and Peace yet? In Search of Lost Time? Why bother with this shit then

Always makes me giggle when people say Rick and Morty is one of the best shows when it tries to plant suicidal thoughts into the degenerates who enjoy it’s minds.

Not my style of game, not good at RTS, but this looks really, really cool!

How could anyone dislike this film?


Am I the only one wondering why a girl would see a fucking T-shirt and think well no way I can major in those fields? Like isn’t making that assumption offensive to girls, especially the smart ones that want to major in a STEM field

‘Hey,’ Tina said sharply. The girl kept moving.‘Hey,’ Tina said, ‘Bozo.’Steve started laughing. His friends fell in a few seconds behind him.‘You can’t sit there,’ Tina said. ‘That’sMikayla’s seat.’

You are awesome

I have never heard anyone speak like Trump. What is she talking about?

Derailing the train and ‘possibly’ just ‘possibly’ killing himself but

Perhaps communism should be revisited and the economy rethought?

I do all This but i dont get girls

The earliest occurrence I can think of of an internal rhyme that aims a creating an internal beat is in the Jungle Book actually,


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