I’ve watched a couple of these In-Text Citations MLA videos… this is the best one yet. Thanks so much! It was exactly what I needed.

/watch? v=9Cz8ZwaJe24&list=FLghkPciP1_vvQPEu2yoa-cg&index=1

They need work because of their family steve cutts is a lier


Being male or female isn’t abstract.

I’m not smart enough to understand half of what he’s saying, but I love this anyway. Also, Navajo has now become my new favorite accent!

His last words were “You be good, I love you”

I would taise my hand to answer against the proposition of a lotery too:

Dershowitz hates Chomsky because he calls the jewish treatment of Palestinians “apartheid”. And that punctures your “He hates everything that’s not jewish” argument, that you completely just took out of your ass.

Very well explained topic on HRM. Thank you.

He cant handle someone be straight up with him cuz hes a white male in a suit hes so used to two faced rappers with that dress up in trash.

As much as I dislike Deluded Donny’s speaking, Jennifer Sclafani got me to stop cringing and actually listen to the Orange Orangutan speak. I don’t think I could listen without her but I was really impressed with her analysis.

Holy funking shit I’m buy this game

1. Trolly driver – Flip the switch and kill the one guy. Five against one. Simple as that.

This is great, I like it so much. hope you could upload more like this. thanks

15:00 – 15:04 is that Jeff Bezos?

Germanic (from Proto-Germanic), emerged around 3300 BC,[11] earliest testimonies in runic inscriptions from around the 2nd century AD, earliest coherent texts in Gothic, 4th century AD. Old English manuscript tradition from about the 8th century AD.


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