And why do their bloody credits run so fast on films??? why why why????

E las cajas dicen algo una por una en el nivel 2 dice load program descargando programa

Are you 9?

“Dear Ted, What has happened to us? I don’t know. I feel myself in a spiral, going down down down, into a black hole from which there is no escape, no brightness. And loud in my ears from every side I hear, ‘failure, failure, failure…’ I love you so much… I am too old and enmeshed in everything you do and are, that I cannot conceive of life without you… My going will leave quite a rumor but you can say I was overworked and overwrought. Your reputation with your friends and fans will not be harmed… Sometimes think of the fun we had all thru the years…”


It’s a very common thing that I’ve observed amongst our grownups – the tendency to use all caps for emphasis. It’s really not a good idea – it’s like using a red marker in some wonderful kid’s beautifully maintained pencil written notebook.

For 30 minutes and 50 seconds I wanted to brush the back of a grown man’s hair.

Gud one

Gustavo Fring’s accent in Breaking Bad. Worst accent ever. I’m chilean and, while the series it’s fucking great, the awful accent sometimes took me out of the drama. The character was originally from Chile! But the actor does not look like a chilean neither his accent it’s near to crack the chilean, that it’s a difficult one, btw, we are like the irish people of spanish, drink a lot, speak like shit… U can tell that Gilligan made a lot of investigation on mexican culture but in the Chile part he just look out in Wikipedia…

Next time, don’t encorporate history into your videos.

A great introduction and believe that all kids do grow up wanting to be supply chain managers…look forward to watching the other videos.

Oh Jesus… this is a lecture of a University nowadays?… It is just point the obvious! pure common sense, I wonder how this call “professor” will test this students…

Economics is a jewish conspiracy..muahahahaha

Thank you…!!!

But there are some idiosyncratic errors… But… Great video!


I downloaded C&C Red Alert last week, the game I used to play for years in my childhood with PS1. I’m now addicted to it again. Playing skirmishes against Soviet&Allied enemies is just….. so addictive.

Please do a series of this.

The pervasive and routine usage of this queer-word, that really sounds ‘homophobic’,


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