Where can I watch this full episode

Please could you re-do this A level English video but for the new spec?



This system is no different than the American system torch the true Israelites of America which is known as the black community they are treated in the same manner no matter where you go no matter how much money they might have classification separates all as a tradition of men so when we look at these people we looking at the white vs black vs the Browns vs the black all the way around so there’s a division between all people because they taught to hate. The Devil is the Destroyer for all Men.

Do you know “Atlas der deutschen Alltagssprache” (map of german everyday speech)? For example, here is a map of what people call their breakfast break at work: http://www.atlas-alltagssprache. de/runde-4/f02/ Most expressions show differences between north and south, but there are others. For example plastic shows a clear difference between the former east Germany and the rest of the German speaking area:

Watching this makes me think Klingon might be similar to Welsh

Brasil porra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aí sim! Representou bem… Desde o início senti essa energia peculiar brasileira. 😀


How could you possibly think that portraying women sexually is a bad thing? As you pointed out in your video, there are women who embrace this part of them (Kim Kardashian). There is nothing objectively wrong with that. She can be who she wants to be. It’s also not wrong to wear shirts like that. It isn’t immoral, it isn’t sexist, it isn’t misogynistic, it is perfectly accurate assessment of the human race. You talk of morals, but instructing women on how they ought to live their lives is inconsistent.

Lol that “Until next time” at the end surprised me 😛

A second crucial concept ‘queer’ academics just love is the bizarre notion of ‘gender’ that noone really grasps,

4:43 – 5:05 So if you habitually speak improperly, you’re not butchering a language, but rather inventing a new language. Ok, got it.

Such a Pretty Girl, and Graceling.



Very nice


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