At 5:40 you use ‘many’ instead of ‘a lot’ but neither sounds very academic to me as they do not involve any actual quantities. If one was to write an essay wouldn’t it be better to at least narrow it down to an estimate? For example: ‘More than half of all students live on campus’, supported by some sort of source? Same with words like ‘some’, ‘few’, ‘plenty’, their meaning is up for interpretation.

Put on english subtitles while the conlangs are on for a laugh

What if the group of people working on the track where all criminals and the one guy at the end of the side trail was a highly intelligent and important person?

Great help in improving the art of writing an essay….thanks a ton..

By the way, i wonder if i can find one to practice english speaking with me

Hey, can you identify and explain the purposes of human resource management in today’s organisation. THANKS

“Safe”? Speak for yourself.

Subject-verb-object (SVO)

Thank you for that, Evan

You should do a crash course Music Theory series

Steve is an idiot

I’m unsure Batman is the best example. His dilemma is more complicated than that. He worries if he kills it will become easy. The Joker at first, then common thugs committing burglary.

Furthermore, my comment was in reference to a quote from Proudhon.

He’s an amazing YouTuber that puts time into his work and Not those Other youtubers. One day he would hit 1 million subs.

Act of 1871 that changed our Sovereign Country into a Corporation. For over 100

I always thought it was pronounced ‘Michael Fow-cult’.

I love this guy. Thanks to him i’m so fucking articulate its crazy.

Don’t you *see*?

Thank you!

Great analysis. Very helpful videos.

Why does this sound like it could be true?

Ceiling is set below equilibrium even though some consumers increase their consumers


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