Well said

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Trying Luther but we have anger management issues!

This reminds me of how Obama uses his ‘ah’ pauses in every sentence great lecture video tho 👍

Within the first 45 seconds, half of the audience has been alienated. I’m somewhat bemused.

Happy 245th Birthday Beethoven!!

Oh God has blessed this man with wisdom, how i wish he can give me some ideas about my site frienditeplus or friendite anyone would do

What is? What are you smoking?

Evey child should have the right to learn equally

Can’t read ya damn handwriting, use pc 😛 or type writer xD

Who else is in 2016 and still bumping with b boy

10:57 AM 4/19/2016 Yeah its worth buying. I kept reading in the forums people are downloading this game for free instead well whatever its fun to play.

Ted talks are so over

Not a fan of his voice. It lacks your awesomeness.


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