Shallow Hal


This was amazing, thank you!

Now i can write a proper essay

Fuck yea TRUMP!

I don’t disbelieve it. It’s interesting because I’ve heard Tony Robbins’ methods described as pseudo psychological. I hope the ex-president wasn’t incredulous of bullshit :/

Tech in the classroom will help with multi-tasking and make certain things easier for both student and teacher.

“wanna go back… SQUAWK.. wanna go back”

Dear Smrt English, I have used this video for my classes and academic purpdoses. For that reason, I kindly ask your permision, to use a screenshot of this video. Regards

Starting at 2:45 she described the destruction of the middle class as a thing that was kind of okay

Pause video at 00:01, thoughts about Tony, hack fraud… to be cont…

You’re last video was literally a lifesaver! Thank you!

Very niceee

YOUR sentence was incorrect, it makes no sense if you look at it..

It’s probably your introductions and the music that attracts me to want to continue watching your videos.


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