It is important to bear in mind that deng xiaoping ‘s argument is not so fair to the people of china. Suppose the capability of cat defines itself, instead of colour, then why does modern china only open itself up to economy, but exclude politics? Other political parties can also be great “cats”! on the other hand, the inconvenient truth about the strong growth of modern china is the peasants who bear the cost most, can you imagine how they are treated in urban areas? can you imagine how their rights are oppressed in urban areas? read Prof. Pun Ngai about her findings on how our phones are made and the stories behind workers.

Sick ryhmes

Mind blown. excellent tpr method at the end!

I need a little more information, because my teacher is a little complicating. He says to write an introduction, you have to have a hook, a necessary background, then transition into thesis, and then state thesis. I don’t get it.

Thank you so much

“Quintessential Intertextual”… Over-elaborate, pretentious pop culture commentary. I’m surprised he didn’t choke on that Thesaurus.

Thank u Liz it is so helpful

Did this really get cancelled?

For the Glory Emperor of Man, in the Dust Heretics!

I understand fascism. You just assume absolutism on my part. Forced multiculturalism (of this level) against the (majority of a) peoples will, already living in a place; would be a form of fascism. Particular groups and misguided liberals they work through being the body of those fascists.

Nietzsche is definitely not a nihilist!! He saw that nihilism was a problem with the modern times as a result to “God Is Dead”. Nietzsche had a lot of ideas about how life had meaning like the will to power, the ├╝bermensch, or the concept of new values.

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Why was everybody so grim?


Finnegan’s Wake: James Joyce

@Poseidon51295 Yeah, I went to Korean private school when I still lived there for 1st grade. Got my ass whooped and they made me call my mom in front of the whole class crying to tell her what a screw up I made. When I moved to America the following year, I spent grades 1-6 relearning what I learned in that 1 year of Korean school. For mathematics at least. We also had hands on practice on biology and botany. Which I didn’t even start in the US until high school really.

Fun fact: Female strippers in Atlanta make more money than doctors. Let that sink in

The gargoyle by Andrew Davidson

The music is so different that it’s distracting me instead of helping me focus. . . I guess I’m truly on my own.


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