He sounds like a “family member or a friend”? Hell, no. He sounds like a child, at worst like a stoner surfer. Leaders sound “educated” because they are attempting to inspire an air of holding authority, as is becoming of their office and should be an unsaid mandatory facet of their character. His twitter rants, tantrums and dearth of decorum therein are largely symptomatic of his speech defects which decry a far larger general idiosyncrasy problem. Trump is an idiot – enough cannot be said on this.

You all are special.


You can go ahead and swear all you like, you frustrated little baboon. I’ve already wasted enough time replying to your stupid non-sense. Please stop spamming my inbox now; you’re starting to bore me.

So arent you a wack job for listening to tony robbins at one point

Sis, your talking extra fast in this video.. = |

Exactly. The individual means nothing. The economy vis-a-vis life is a zero sum game. You cannot identify/control the individual. The individual is FREE.

Scrolling through comments about this wonderful music and see someone saying “And he’s deaf?!?!” Ahem, I would love to tell you a story…. He was born with hearing and later in life about his 20s or 30s he slowly lost hearing. I want to clarify that because it’s bugging me.

We are doomed. Just kill as many rich people and cops as brutally as you can, while we still can, before the capitalist psychopaths exterminate us all. You know Bill Gates and all the other psychos are not human.

Frodo is a hobbit not a human!!!

Would love for him to do an evaluation for the Overwatch voice acting.

Hi Rachelle, thanks you for your explanation. But, what is the difference between abstract and journal summary?

Didnt change. except for the various scytian movements like the huns, avars, magyars, cumans, bulgars…

Thanks for examplening


A trained liar maintains uncomfortable eye contact at a percentage of over 70% of the time. They normally do this by looking between the eyes

Make one about Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett

Those are many frames…


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