Uhm excuse me speak for yourself

Her works are often implemented in film studies courses emphasizing gender studies and the performativity in discourse.

Love this! Thank you!

I read a thousand people got wounded so your remark: ”awesome” is very sarcastic?

What a disgrace and misrepresentation of Nietzsche, A Nihilists, Pff, Far from it.

Things are always black and white

Mashallah a very nice lecture.

Washington Compost, why dont you concentrate on REAL NEWS for a change, More Jobs, More prosperity, Health Bill, Tax Cuts

Rounded and connected but mostly all of these

THANKYOU so much! how much is the eco packet?

Stephanopoulos says it’s bad for groundless statements. she makes a point that they’re the hypocrites when they make groundless statements as well. Then he goes on to say no one is questioning the victory which many clearly are and she brings up points to prove it, which is a much bigger topic and again the news is the hypocrites by dodging their own topics they don’t want to bring up. It’s groundless for Trump to say there was voter fraud but its not groundless to say he lost the vote? U can’t just switch it up because it doesn’t fit ur objective. They ask for an expert of debating basically a professional persuader to come on to this biased show.

To say that she is ‘ridiculously good at dodging tough questions’ is ridiculous. She is terrible at dodging the question and makes it so obvious it’s embarrassing. Many politicians are true masters of this skill where they give an illusion of an answer to a question they don’t want to answer but Conway’s tactics are amateur. She uses diversion much too early in her response and then plays the petty blame game without any articulation. This is what children do, not government officials. Maybe it goes to show the low education level of the USA if they think she is great at avoiding questions.

…make my own desktop background?

Make more!!

Fuck college

Crypt keeper can’t die…already dead. tales from the crypt!!!

Star Wars Empire At War


Shia is an islam poison

(I’m rather disappointed to see the map showing English across Wales since some 2000 years ago. A time even before the English language existed).

The Bible, How to kill a mockingbird

Jacob pleaseeeeee slow down! i understand y’all want to give as much information as possible. but please slow down the talk. thank you.

I’m not a puppet, no string on my back, I’m one of a kind

I as an humble English teacher, particularly, don’t like this pushing of McDonald’s’ “I’m lovin’ it”


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