Its like comparing socialism to comonism and explaining that all the killing n war vw the USA was nessasery

Shame on India!!!!!!

Thank you Ema, excellent presentation

I said biiitch

13:06 Then I shall die as one of them!!!

Obama the clintons DONT LIE……………HOLLYWOOD TOLD US SO.

Yeah this is not the right answer! fucking yanks

TLDR: Efficiency isn’t always a good thing.

Thank you so much! i can now finally write my fantasy story without finding new music to change the mood! 😀

Robin Hobb – Ship of Destiny

If Batman is morally obligated to kill the joker what does that mean for the moral obligation of other hero’s? Is Superman supposed to kill Lex Luthor? Is Wonder Woman supposed to kill cheetah? Is the Flash obligated to kill Captain Cold and the rest of the rogues? Is Aquaman obligated to Ocean Master? Is Batwoman obligated to kill Alice? Is Reed Richards obligated to kill Dr Doom? Is Spider-Man morally obligated to kill all the various supervillains he has fought over the years? You can see when you apply the Utilitarian standard to every hero it creates a bad precedent.

IDK why I like it so much

Dude I love your vids, but what song do you use for the endings it puts me in a good mood Everytime I hear it

Put the speed at.5, he sounds so drunk! It’s hilarious, but super helpful video!

Disliked for including an alarm clock sound. What the fuck is wrong with you?

Thank you Liz, your explanations are very helpful 🙂

Romantical music aint for studying bro, you need barroc, Bach makes you better at focusing.

Holy TARDIS of Gallifrey! Is that Gallifreyan writing I see? This is my new favorite web series.

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This is so true,

This is a big service thank you!

There are a few problems with that car analogy.


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