I need to write a essay now am so worried

Please do a how to learn quotes…! Love your videos x

Excellent explanation sir.


I like it, plz do more videos like that

I think Black Panther may change this

So interesting and informative

Then i went to the International school of brussels. They somehow made me want to do my homework, they made things interesting, they had a social media class to teach us how to use our twitter accounts. The built there school with a ton of windows everywhere. It made me feel free. I still feel free, Im in 9th grade and im making the videos for there youtube channel. Reply with your thoughts on a school like this

This is just a good song. Why can people just admit it?

+1 for a free weekend on Steam, it should be a HUGE way to get more fans πŸ™‚

Arpit rocksπŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ


The Bible is not a novel. I know it is pearls before swine, but I find it offensive that you would call the Bible a novel.

This talk is far below the quality and style of TED talks. Please preserve TED’s quality.

Grx look terrible like a browser free to play.

… hope this would help to english learners like me….

Well the real question is:

Plz may u do a maths one, I find it really hard to revise maths, love u eve xx

Longest fucken outro

That parrot is so stupid, that was clearly a 4″ long 1/4″ lag bolt at 1:18, not a nail, pfffft!

This is total nonsense. Embarrassingly bad.

More people should read Emerson, one of the greatest without a doubt, not just as a writer, but a thinker. His words are always with me, a great teacher of life. I’d love to see a video on Carl Jung, please!


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