( A dead person is meat and no morality is above the lifes of the others. Have a nice breakfast!)

It’s just no their generation yet. Cuz 60% is sure not the figure for the last 50 years, when the most of current STEM workers graduated.

Marvel fanboys be hating on my boi Patrick

Become nobel through performativity?

Hey can you do an ideal A* answer on Jekyll and Hyde? 🙂

When Emma said some students write same words. I thought she was talking about me


Why arent there turkish translate?

What if the lump sum is higher than the fixed cost? Would the surplus bring the MC down? Also if its going down, shouldn’t it move to the left?

Even in year 9 I lost marks from leaving too many points in the 2nd person

Like him or not, Trump is not stupid. He is a seasoned speaker who knows how to motivate people. Don’t underestimate him. He’s a demagogue, but he’s effective at it.

That’s good I understand the bottleneck hypothesis.

What rubbish is this


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