Wow!! YOU GO JADE!! YOU ARE STILL GONNA MAKE IT IF U DO A GAP YEAR OR NOT!!!! Although for me I dont think it will be as amazing as urs if i try it out and it might consume my time BUT HEY YOU GO GIRL!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!GO JADE!!! 😀

Say what you want about Obama but damn he got humor. XD

The impact of drug trafficking is estimated to make 1-1,5% of world GDP. it’s not reported to the government, but it’s share can be estimated

I have a ton of information on nlp on my YouTube channel and my site. Aside from that there are a ton of books

(I hope my naivety isn’t showing too much.)

See the pattern here? The reason that food costs money is because there are lots of humans involved in its production, who need to be paid for their time.

Interesting. However, I was under the impression that the origin was in northern India and grew western and northward from there. Under th scenario in this video, where do the Aryans come into the picture? They would have been before this time map began, correct?

She is so full of herself. A young girl asks if she is a lesbian. Yeah, but she didn’t ask if she was a man. Big difference still. These pseudo intellectuals are a disease on humanity, trying to push their own agendas under the guise of it being science. First become a real scientist, then go test your theories, then get some real results, finally develop a theory that reflects reality.

Great sir

I was so super excited about this game, and then they canned it. :C WHY?!

If not, null

Anyone knows what artificial economy means please?

FYI: the richest billionaires in the world are #investors, not #economists. Want $? Invest. Want to be an employee? Be an economist.

Ap nay Right side pay Margin Line kyon nahi laggayi? Please batana

Donald Trump’s an excellent president I’m so happy I voted for him

Maybe they didn’t want to look too “cartoonish”?

And if you dont believe in buddha you are going to hell… oh wait, its not like christianism, so i guess buddha is a much better person than jesus

I am so glad I came here from the world of goo. Old Jack is still such a cutie!! XD

I am an Engineering student 2nd year…. i have not understand demand’s type and law… now i am thanksfull to u mam that it may b 4 12th classes lecture, i have understanf clearly now… Good job… keep it uP mam…! dillse Like kiya hu iss vedio ko…!

Can someone explain cost-benefit to me? I’m a bit confused. I thought benefits were the positive factors and costs were the negatives. The video made it sound the other way around? Can someone please help me understand cost-benefit and provide an example? Thank you.

Top teir memes bro.

The president was/is not allowed what was/is manifest to the maintenance to itself with, and as, but way beyond “fake news.” This was/is with hundreds of nations original/progressed forced abridging/hurting fact treatment natures per/as roles with keeps fact treatments formally criminally foreign influenced. This was/is worse than ill fact treatments forcing themselves pretending credibility with opinion natures as only let realized as fact treatment predators, and roles with only let realized predatory justification natures of all that abridged, and being exploited in our faces. This was/is about how we were/are in a forced tactically breached value nature system/s, and how not allowed to demonstrate ill sequence shifts forcing themselves to be interpreted are being exploited, and not letting presidents grapple with the recorded nature/s of criminal insidiousness with correlation’s fact treatments not let spoke. Trade agreements were/are worse than ill. There was/is no credibility through all that uncharged with suit and ties tied pseudo-peace, and pseudo-sciences, as well. If these answers were/are really wanting honesty, then, this was/is requiring presidents allowed to demonstrate other nations with/as multi-front ill fact treatment styles that can’t defend themselves and us from this nature/s of criminal insidiousness not even letting correlation’s nature have voice as the news, and for how with worse than just their inter-branch, and medical sources recorded worse than criminally foreign influenced fact treatment natures, and rackets’s roles with sequence shifts, and with databases/evidences crimes formal, and through original/progressed means to only let roles with/as these areas’s/states’s/campuses’s predator fact treatment natures, and styles multi-front, needing to hide worse than just lies, delusions, and premises, and criminal inter-nation persuasions, and needing to hide their actually recorded natures through correlation not let realized low only let realized formal, overtly “gangland,” and unrealized gangland juxtaposed criminal inter-nation “criminal enterprises” formally kept used, and punished with areas’s used to cover lie progressions that have nothing to do with the lies pretending its just police with the “right to lie.” Both parties were/are breached. The campuses were/are developing criminal insidiousness natures’s sensibilities, and predatory indifference natures, and hate/hurt ill countering fact treatment justification natures. We’ve trick fact treatment styles and rackets holding illusions needed exploited multi-front, and reliant upon the formal ones inter-science. I’m not even a lawyer. We are going to have to force the law followed. They are not responding for needing to criminally make mistakes more, and to pretend not to realize recorded evidences crimes, and databases crimes already recorded formal, and with rackets hiding lie progressions tied to such, and how motivated to it, our steward taken from blind theater respects for breached sciences and their evidences predators yet formal, and with areas’s yet charged crime method juxtaposed with other natures of crimes keeping all stewards exploiting their actors only let realized that way, too, through tactically ill inter-campus connections to our fact treatment nature.


So, Both Indo-Iranian and Balto-Slavic came out Turkey. But somehow, German and other European languages have more similarities to Sanskrit than that of the middle east.(Urdu exception). It is true that language evolves and differs geographically with time. but that doesn’t mean they have the same origin. They could have popped up in different places and merged together in places to bring out new languages.


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