Actually it’s either good or bad depending on the roll of the dice. Unless your say Mark Zuckerberg

I am iranian and i can say this is one of the few videos i saw, which described perfectly the last 100 years of iran’s history and up and down in 10 minutes, good job man

Shity information.. But captivating music and animation!

This video gave me an erection…it was awesome

Https:// list=PLuMY01jAUVQPYEvXoVwEK2tZvZgAWmCXK


Perhaps Batman can kill Joker now and save lives in our lifetime but in the future his actions will be used to justify a more draconian justice system. OR!!! perhaps Batman’s decision to spare joker costs more suffering in our lifetimes but saves lives in the future, as a future justice system will be designed around a superior rehabilitation model.

“Добрый день” на русском 0:41

This was so useful! everlasting thanks Jade

Good professor


34:31 finally found someone with a good tshirt, Top right that homie.


Game of books. The end is coming.

My paper is due tomorrow at 9:15am

I lost it at “go fuck yourself” LMAO!!!


Very, very helpful. Thank you so much!

I can’t understand you, go back to your country. White powah!

I love when people with multiple degrees overanalyse people who dropped out of 1st grade who are dumb as fk – “fascinating”

I like the video, but the information is not really accurate.. I can say for my country, Croatia, during the 18th-19th century we had quite the trouble for maintaining Croatian as the first language, Hungarian and German were dominant. Later we refused to have Hungarian as the main language and kept Latin in court and government.. but still, nice animation.


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