Excellent, i think, we need one introduction of any topic according to your way.


Mam tvc mey graph k side mey labeling KR sktey Hai na

Me encantó! Más por ser de los creadores de Little Inferno, No me perderé ningún capitulo

As much as I enjoy Crash Course most of the time I am really uncomfortable with John calling Mossadegh a communist. No party, Massadegh was part of, was communistic, the only thing one could argue is, that some communists (tudeh) supported him as well.

There is lots of disturbance

Can i tell you something funny but real

He could of brought his mother to the war with him by fighting as an independant soldier….i. e. a volunteer who didn’t join the army….

Thanks, so helpful! context is everything,


Its a realisation……..that what we are supposed to do as humanity is perhaps not what humanity is doing…….all the possible expressions of a human mind brilliantly exposed……as a photographer, I can’t just say enough of the visuals in this film….cinematography and photography combined with equally binding music composition……..

She is so sucky, making excuses for Trump’s stupidity.


I want her to write my CV. 🤗 🤗 Its about time I charge my clients messiah rates.

Please keep making videos bro

Awesome way of explaining… 🙂

Who knew? google advertise a video with a beautiful Persian art dressed on it!

This a How german


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