Economic is a very good subject. In the human civilization economic has a great role. This is only one subject where you can’t explain any effect of economics just like a scientific formula. where science can say 2 molecule of hydrogen react with 1 molecule of oxygen peoduce 2 molecule of water. this is a universal truth you cannot change it, can’t deny it. But in economics every formula is correct and for supporting of that formula enough exemple are present in world human society. So as per rule of economic no body can able to claim that this formula is the ultimate and there will be no other formula can be derived. This is the majic in economics.

Thanx a lot for this video 🙂

Uhhhh tl is also prominent in inuit societies

Mianownik (Nominativus)

Who else watched the animated adaptation first when they were kids and forever after imagined Romeo and Juliet as adorable seals? 😛

Fear isnt there because lack of practice

I believe your turkish example has a typo. It should be (ben) evde bir kitap okurum not (ben) evde bir kitap okudum.

Isn’t the scientific accomplishment enough. Can’t a guy be a “bad ass”, just by landing a probe on an asteroid. Does he have to wear a tacky shirt show where else he want to land a probe, too? The ubiquity of porn culture is eroding everyone’s dignity, not just women in traditionally male workplaces.comic book porn shirt makes him look more like a boy than a grown man. It’s time we all grow up.

Unless you have a super computer than can use raw power to get through the huge performance issues, do not buy this game.

Hiii plzzz make more videos…if possible plz make separate section fr env sci videos cz I’m studn it

Dude looks like Glenn Howerton

!I am now learning my third language

Thnx fr thz Definition..Ur wording nd Example r Damn easy…..or bahut ache se samajh Aya..😇

The time scale is a total bullshit. Czech and Polish divided from West-Slavic dialect in 10th century (with first written record in 12th century in Czech and 13th century in Polish). Slovenian and Serbo-Croatioan in the 1st century? Just LOL. (They divided very slowly during middle age from Old Church Slavonic). Ukrainian divided from Church Slavonic in 16th century, not in 11th. Slavic languages in South European and Central European territories before the Migration Period? Just LOL.

Ummm I got here from an odds1out next._.

I was so hoping hank would be doing this video

Just Abuse Straight White Men and Shun The For Your Own Self Pleasure.

Maybe you should do next time with colours


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