You don’t need sex to keep love alive.

This is a good learning video khan.

But which language out of those would be easier for an English speaker to learn? I thought I should learn the easiest and then move on to the others.

Nice moustouche

@sabLeya123 Thanks! I’m glad it’s helping you out =)

Thanks a lot for this video. I had to watch and listen 3 times. It is very helpful.

Reminds me of the dark souls series

Hey this was great!!! I was wondering if you can do an analysis like this for what i wrote… I would really appreciate it or if you at least told me what you think! Thank You!!!

Underrated sidekick



“In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him.”

Funny how The Washington Post attracts the Trump haters, LOL!

If you love this game I would reccomend you check out SpaceChem ^^ But I have to warn you: SpaceChem gets pretty hard really fast!

I feel the feeling you talk about, but it is caused by the depressing music and the sad faces I had to look at…

I’m interested… I know you say that the “most primal” goal of humans is to seek pleasure, and that this is common ground for everyone, however other philosophies disagree with this. For instance, Buddhism has some roots in the idea that NOT chasing after pleasure is what equates to true happiness. I would love to have a video on something like this.

Sorry to disturb but can we use the commentary of any poem as the versification of the poem.

Is he the guy from always sunny?

3.Other resting stances…for instance when someone rests with their elbows on a surface, or when someone leans up against something..

I wanna hug him

This is actually very good!

You are amazing! You are a true artist!


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