I’m very emotionally attached to this channel…I learned very much…😘😘😘☺😎😒

0:48 lol gj there

Go to their website, click preorder, and one of the packages has the soundtrack

Could you do an updated version of this for the new 9-1 GCSE?

Thank you!

Planetary annihilation 2.0 got cancelled… God dammit.

Sir ur lectures r awesome.

I love how the graphic of the marketing guy is a guy standing with his hand out expecting money lol.

The most talented vegan ever

Economy class lo sir voice clearrity ga hundi but other sirs voice not clearrity

One of the best posts I’ve seen in my years on YouTube. Thank you.

Once again, my writer has delivered. It’s not as great as my last order was but I am still confident that I will get Merit. Sometimes, I wait until the last minute, but you people always come through.

The reason i put the word End in quotes is that the first two really don’t “End” Suffering, they merely stop suffering – for one person.

To boring

So I am 57 with a mental age of 21-29 so now what age woman do I date

Not enough notes.

Because I copied what I just wrote

Plz make the video straight

35:49 Does this guy realize old school Mexican involves the female being dominant in the family?

Am I the only one who feels… these teachings of Daoism similar to some extent to the teachings of Bhagavad Gita?

This people believes in cows than God, fuck Hindu ignorant people i hate them fuck u


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