I’m all for computers taking away the jobs of so-called journalist. those mfers helped Dump to the White House

It looks like a advertising clip for Buddhism.

You are doing good dear, Improve your audio video quality and mention important terms in Hindi as well so that Hindi medium students also can take help. Thanks & God Bless You

What do you do if your consantly judged? If you don’t even feel comfortable in your own home?? I’m not lucky enough to have a judge free home mind you but then what do I do to build it??

Youve done nothing for me. If you didnt exist, my life would be no different. How self entitled it is to assume that I OWE YOU something, simply because you were alive before me and had to suffer through similar circumstances. Did you do anything to change the problem? No, you sat there and took it. While some people might consider it “noble” to suffer through something and come out the other side, some might consider it moronic to keep ones mouth shut in the instance of a problem such as this.

What the fuck is this shit?

Although you do not speak the Albanian language before the Greeks we have presented a chart that there Albanian language is older than the 7,500 years of Greek language whenever the truth will emerge because you can not escape the truth of

Noam Chomsky and that ‘raspy’ voice. Bordering on indecipherable sometimes haha. But so, so much substance!!!

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45 minutes from my house there are some “unemployables” in a place called Gaza

Uhhh your establishment entrenched politicians talk like everyone else! When do they do that? At election time Sparky?

Thank you on behalf of 400,000+ college students.

Frensh or arabic subtitle? 🙁

Fassbender is German

Send this video to Barnie Sandstone

I’ve got a 4 page research paper due tomorrow morning. It’s 9:00 and I haven’t started. Let’s go.

I’ve been pronouncing “Albert Camus” oh so very wrong……

Pg 15 granth hsiab

This is funny because it’s also propaganda and mind manufacturing, even if it’s mostly true.

This has nothing to do with the video but around 0:50 the T-Rex in Jurassic World (2015) looks much worse than the T-Rex in Jurassic Park (1993). Wtf


Same problems here in singapore! haha but i agree that a lot of the problems are self-created. try to self regulate facebooking and chatting..

This really helps, and your other econs lecture videos. could you please make financial accounting tutorial videos too?

Perfected the way of teaching economics.


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