Dr, Mossadeq never left Iran;


I’ve been looking for a way to take notes in class on my computer but when there’s a curve I don’t know how to draw it on Word. What is the thing you’re writing on to draw on the screen like that? Is there something I can use to draw curves and stuff into my word program? Thank you!

Oh my, Im in Junior-High and we are learning this and my teacher wouldn’t even explain this to us students, all he (my teacher) made us write down what he said. I came home and I got a bad grade in social studies. If only you were my teacher.

2- is there a link between migration of people and migration of langages? Scientists used to think so. Then there was improvement in archeology, then epigraphy, then the accumulation of both, then, recently, genetics. And it is not that clear anymore. For example, the Akkadian langage in the Mesopotamian area was adopted by people who were not Akkadians, although it is difficult to trace actual migration and cultural influences that far back in History. It is the same for Latin in the Roman Provinces : there are Romance langages in many parts of Europe where few Itallic Romans ever migrated (think of Romania, the Roman province of Dacia). I won’t speak of Celtic langages spoken in areas where almost no original Celtic people went (like Ireland…).



Thank you mam explains

your energy is contagious =)

Anyways thanks for the information i wish it comes in handy for my test tomorrow


I wonder if there are really owners or are we just programed to enslave ourselves.

What a great video.

Amazing…thanks for doing this.

Parrots > Apes

This is brilliant!)))

I worry our grandkids might see face-to-face human interaction as we see something like VHS today: a nice omage to the past but something that isn’t required or truly necessary.

Hey Jack/Sean my name is Jackson

I don’t even know why I waste my time in lectures when I can just watch your videos!

And whether parents know the theory or not, they’ll be vaccinating their kids anyway,

That explains many things that happens at schools worldwide, if not actually ALL.

Dunn, dunn duunn!!!

I’d like to request Thug Notes for The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. This channel is DOPE!


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