Would you also happen to have any videos/advice for the general essay question?

Its helpful

I think I partly disagree that this is a fundermental law. Just doesn’t seem to account for all variables and seems to be based on generalisations of human behaviour and assuming everything is deterministic.

Hey, the sound dropped out for a couple of seconds around 4:24 ish. Not sure it’s all that crucial, but do you guys have a transcript or could you fix the audio? Many thanks.

8. Goosebumps series

Nose si lo notaron pero en el año 2 las letras decian load program significara algo? no lo creo V: okno

Thankyouu so much this helped a lot I have a test about this and about other phrases. I get this now!

Pretty much spot on


Great college level essay writing tips.

Excellent video! I think this video help me a lot.

Why always a snake on the whiteboard?

I know the diffrence between pushing the fat man and turning, in the first case your allready involved and you have to commit murder either way but with the second you personally dont have to kill anyone or even get involved,


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