And will there always be a need for real human contact (much like food instead of pills)

Ok! let’s do this! “So first step, you have to understand what infinity is. ..” …. o. o FFFF!!

The joke about breakfast made me tear up.

Mind Fuck. Made me punch a wall.

You just earned yourself a subscriber, this was very cool and informative video, do continue to create more of these videos in the future please.~

Halftime is the hardest fucking song by Thugger💯🔥🔥🔥

What about rock n roll?

So pretty and sweet, teacher!


… And you’re not so unbreathing yourself. Congratulations! What a small world we live in…


John Green? Are you related to Hank Green?

The all caps comment thing is annoying i have to say

I’m interested in seeing more of this!


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