I’m a filipino and almost 90% of filipinos speaks english. It’s like our second language now. And I’m learning Korean

97 Dawkins fans hate this because philosophy is dead.

Hey I want to do career in finance management so for this which language should I learn. plz guide Me through this.

Coolest president ever

I doubt it, because when people say “Could of” your brain interprets it as “could’ve”, which is exactly what they mean. But you meant “type”. You would have to just be a complete ass to want to correct someone on facebook or the likes, places of informality, when they say “could of” instead of “could have”, or rather “Could’ve”, because they sound exactly the same, they arent expecting asses to jump out from their audience on youtube and judge them, and even if they are, they really dont care.

In a world where so many women are hostile and insincere, given a choice between taking time to get to know someone and being lured into some cruel game she is playing in order to PROVE something to herself, I’d rather do the former than the latter. I take time to trust. Nothing I see makes me want to change.

Please mam help me in writing task because I don’t know how I start. me always confuse

Amazing songs

– Self Talk. Create a positive Self – Affirmation. Who else is going to tell you you’re great other than yourself (and maybe your mother). Get away from the people that tear you down. There are going to be moments when we are not feeling good bout who, what, and where we are. That’s okay. As long as YOU will believe in yourself. No one will believe in you, unless you do.

Y’all act like charlamagne is a dick to him but Shkreli is honestly a 100% complete sociopath. He shows every sign of delusion and manipulation.

Haha! See you did a little google search for greek automobiles, got the name Namco and run with it, but there is no greek car, its only a proposal in prototype stages – and with really dodgy investors if I might add a personal opinion… FYI…

Candidates or candicates? what is this

I’m pretty sure my teacher has already taught me this, but it’s way better hearing it from you for some reason.

I need these videos to come out much faster; I love them!

This made me cry. I went through school as a failure except for art class, which was denied me when my grades suffered. Now my 7 year old son is going through the same thing. “Won’t be still, not concentrating, easily distracted, not finishing his work, daydreaming, inattentive.” It breaks my heart that he is miserable and ends up in detention nearly every day for “failure to follow instructions”. He recently received detention for drawing a haunted house when asked to draw his home. We had our house decorated for Halloween by the way, and despite my explanation they insisted the detention was deserved. I’m seriously considering pulling him out of school. It seems morally wrong to keep him there especially when the teacher told me that his imagination is what is jeopardizing his education. Gah.


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