Hah aand the fun part begins when you start switching between your languages, you think in one, gotta speak in another. Or you mix them up altogether and nobody understands you in the end:D


Wtf is this video

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Reminds me of school

Too long

I wouldn’t say he’s a common speaker…I mean, you’d find a higher incidence of people from the NYC area, especially those ‘from the neighborhood’ e. g..working class people, who would speak this way but outside of this geographic area, his speech affect would seem to be pretty rare.

Is that science fiction so far removed from reality: ask DARPA!

Thanks but i think i is not 12th class it is 11th class but anyway thanks

Most students ARE lazy.

I tuned out at 41 seconds.

Such a charismatic presenter, fun editing and straightforward visuals!

In Turkish most meanings are given by adding to the word:


On the road by Jack Kerouac?

See i had to dislike cause it was just so fucking annoying great video but holy fuck i wanted punch everything and everyone

He is sub par and substandard in every way, including his speech. To say he speaks in the manner of a normal American is truly insulting. He speaks in the manner of an idiot American, and that might even be too much credit.

Of course, by using a clip from the rather stupid John Huston film version of the book, the misconception that Ahab prevails over the Great White Whale is propagated into internet space. In the book, Ahab never even encounters the whale at the end, much less kills it. In fact, Ahab is decapitated and dragged into the briny deep when he gets entangled in harpoon wires while out in the long boats, somewhere no prudent Captain would find himself.

Why can not use very hard?

9. metaphor

I’m still listening so I apologize if it will be adressed later or if I understand it wrong but why does he keep complementing christianity? I hate when theists keep showing their religion into my face.


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