I am a native speaker of Croatian. We have seven cases (nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, vocative, locative, instrumental) and that is sometimes easy (you don’t need to write three, but only one word), but sometimes is complicated (when you change one word, you need to change five next).

Though it may seem like a dizzying realization,

Amazing…thanks for doing this.

BS – corruptorations are NOT about mutual cooperation or merit base. My opinion.

The world has never seen SO MANY pedophiles busted on a global scale after someone specific won the american presidential race. Im not saying its BECAUSE of TRUMP! But strange that it NEVER HAPPENED with ANY president before him HAHAHAHAHA ”Just a coincidence” LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL At least Pedophiles are getting their ass handed to them….while the left and some youtubers, want to NORMALIZE PEDOPHILIA! Sick FS!

You took me away from khan academy and my school’s textbooks, powerpoints, and video lectures. Your videos make for amazing normal service while my other resources are inferior ones. wtg! 😀

Unbelievable very impotent.

How to wish someone well, while judging them at the same time…

Thanks, now i dont have to do my school summer reading 😀

It’s not mine, it’s Bejiman Franklin’s.

Crossing in the Middle of the T • Confident, comfortable in my own skin

Face Your fears.

Looks really good and i have to say well done on the voice acting! really hope its in the game.

Some things he doesn’t go into…

The psychopaths, the tortures, the sadists, the bullies, the emotional manipulators – they all have empathy: this is what makes their abusive behaviour so effective – they KNOW exactly how you feel. Lack of empathy is not the problem. For instance, what good is empathy without compassion? Jeremy Rifkin needs to go back to the drawing board on this one.

Chapter 2 please..

What’s your nationality after all?

Sounds like everyone’s crazy racist uncle who dropped out in grade two.


Are you planning on making any videos on the languages of the Caucasus?

I fear I’m becoming 2:55…the saddest is…I like it…insert tear here.

Extra product would work if they had 1 really “finished” success story with kickstarter and build up from it.

Freedom, the answer to your question is freedom.

Kek, that cracked (CODEX?) installer music @ 17:07 until the end.


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