Very helpful presentation….Thanks Team…

Sir plz upload bcom final year economics.. As soon as possible

So…. This means Trump’s plan to instate a border tax on all imports is inefficient because he’s advocating self-sufficiency (the US providing its own goods and services rather than specializing). According to this video, economists have said for centuries that it’s better to simply specialize and trade freely. So, Trump doesn’t understand basic economics and his policies are a threat to the US and world economy. Just fabulous… Yay USA!

And if you can find it…

“I will nunchuck a thot into space if I have to” – Martin Shkreli

Great IB, gives you 90 minutes for an exam, but the teacher gives you 95 minutes of content. #IBLife

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Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down

Is it me or this guy sounds like Denzel Washington?

I really like this vid but who else thinks he sounds like lester from GTA?

You are my hero

He’s a cunning linguist – but I bet Melania won’t let him do that.

For us, portuguese speakers, this phoneme (the Uvular trill [R]) is very odd, and is just rarely spoken in very few places in the north of Portugal.


My emotions seem to contradict my logic often.

I hate the color adjustment. Yes, the image looks kinda bland, but that’s not a bad thing. I don’t think the visuals harm the movie as a whole. The changed images were too saturated, like a Michael Bay movie.


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