Alex was definitely one bright parrot, but I really doubt he was an exceptional parrot. There are probably many more African Greys that could do what he did. Dr. Pepperberg herself says he was an “off the shelf” parrot

Perhaps Stephen Fry would like to join me in the Society for the Abolition of the Apostrophe, of which I am founder and sole member to date. As a teacher of English language and literature I’ve decided that far, far, far too many classroom hours and way too much brain power goes into making decisions about how to use the apostrophe. Hence my society for its abolition.

When does it come in the store

Hello, I just want to say that I think your channel is fantastic. I’m binge watching every video. I was wondering if you could make a video were you show the model making process

Man philosophy is such a dead-end waste of time

Brusspup u r awesome👍👍❤❤

Love thiz video,,. helps so much in my thesis.


This documentary exposes the more optimistic expectations of an oil-based world, as they could be dreamt of in the 80’s.

I think Age of Empires 2 is the best rts ever made!

You are such a great teacher!

Like his yellow bow tie

Wow, this was really helpful! Thank You!

Could use the word blissful to describe this if it was read by Morgan freeman

Viggo Mortensen (Eastern Promises)


Hi, Liz. I need to practice my writing. can you please guide me to some authentic source. I am saying “authentic” because there are lots of mock tests with a solution, but I found these solutions very normal.

The basic underlying theme is good! But this guy makes wild assumptions about a lot of things!!! One of those things is the “Out of Africa” theory has been debunked! Also Shamanistic cultures have had a Gaian mind (global planetary empathy) for millenia! It’s a good message filtered through institutionalized dogmatic thinking!

Oh and martin, charmandar was disrespecting you all time, you didnt do shit.

Is it right?

We can improve English skills by reading more books, practice make perfect. anyway


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