Or perhaps someone who is habitually angry it seems; upset at every turn in life and unable to see the positive in any situation regardless of its presence.

Pls translate to spanish por favor

Bhut jbrdst

I don’t agree with general narration of this video. The bad thing is that this video doesn’t show growing purchasing power for less work hours, because of that its manipulating things and adds some negative imagination about future, and scares people that they will lose job or living standard / resources etc.. If robot makes my job for me, then I can spend all that money (time too) my robot does, for other things, which leads to creation of other jobs (can be for robots too who cares, who does job when you take money for that work). There always will be something to do for people no matter what, because human needs are infinite because they grow all the time. I guess that video is another one promoting ‘left side’ of political scene, as this channel does it a lot. I’m sure they will promote Universal Basic Income in next videos or other leftist idea to again rise taxes. If it’s not true, then why are this channel showing only one side of a coin? People decided to work less and spend more time doing other things, because they can now, and its natural trend. They could spend it to increase work hours, but they dont have such need. Maybe at some point some of us wont have to work at all, but I’m sure they will do something in their lives anyway, like they will spend more time with family, explore world (universe is big) etc. and those things might be called ‘work’ then.



Your hairdresser might care.

It is philosophically trite to posit people result from their acts,

Let’s water flowers with this-im wonderful-nim ‘chayem’ (Instrumental) [‘e’ is like the schwa]

This pissed me off

I was assigned to watch this video for my Info Literacy / Library Research class at Tri-C in Cleveland, OH. I enjoyed the video as it did not have any distracting chatter or boring monologues. The information was shared via handwritten and typed signage held up by the students of a very very large class. The signage gave interesting comments about information. I wonder how much their info stats has changed in just 3 short years? What’s the chance of a sequel Professor Wesch?

The man has mental problems, lady.

White guy: “wow this is some artistic and motivational music”

This vidoe has tones of information that now

It was fantastic to listen to your lectures – Thanks from Mumbai, India

This animal showed that cognizance exists beyond humanity. Jackson wrote a bunch of forgettable pop songs. This bird added to our comprehension of what it means to be alive, Jackson just made some music – they aren’t at all comparable.


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