It was very helpful. i appreciate you effort to help us in this way.

I’m applying to four veterinary medicine, and the fifth will be Animal Behaviour, Welfare, and Ethics. Is this too different?

This video is itself a sham – there was only ONE trick pointed out, because she is too complex for the two people in this clip

Can we download the slides or presi or whatever you made this with, I would like to slow down, read and take in the things you talk about, in my own time.

NOthing to say but I know the algorithm favours videos with more comments, so.. yeah. Loved it.

Thank gos they fixed this in the patch

Cheers jonny

You’re really awesome

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Hey mrbruff hope you read this. is the extract you showed us the 2017 exam paper then?

Typical New Yorkers at 0:14, exiting through the ‘No Exit’ sign….Some things never change

Sir… what about the monotonic preference????

I could be wrong with this thought but before Central Banking took over most of the world didn’t Things become cheaper and money become more valuable before fiat currency. So with automation things should become extremely cheap and some things will become free if there wasn’t an action called inflation making objects more expensive

We should be exploring outside and living the 21 st cenTury

Gud work man

Technical quibble.


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