True and scary as hell.

This just makes me do my homework without me even realizing it. I just get to work.

And it’s Good!!!!

This is sad

How dare you!?!? 😡😡😱😨😰😢😥😭😭😭 10:05

I am the cheese…still haunts me 30 years later

The American collapse has been broadcasted for 25 years now, every year. in these 25 years of collapse, many of us have raised children, bought any houses, invested gainfully, enjoyed life, bought many cadillacs, all this from a measly job!!! so where is the collapse? this discourages investment and spending by creating hesitation and fear. look at the dates, 204, 2015 , 2016, 2017 every year September 23rd we are to die!

Invading the coasts of eastern Mediterranean. Around 5000 BC the

His voice is too sexy, even for himself.

Pushing a man off a bridge is a decision about intent to kill, whereas controlling the direction of a vehicle destined to kill is about mitigating death. One can abstain from killing, but for a vehicle in motion, the driver has no such option available.

It was a cry for help. If he meant business he would have been successful

BEAUTIFUL <( ̄︶ ̄)>

Missed a big point, as most ‘progressives, lefties and Europeans will. It speaks heavily of personal responsibility.

Adorable 🙂

F581 was not reasonable at all, hardest paper I’ve ever done!

Sir if u have make your notes book and selling in market or online plss send me link on online and name of the book in market plss sir

Why is he so baby facedc

Sir aap se request h ki aap jis jis jagah ke bare me btate ho usko map pe bnake samjhaye plzzz……class start krne se phle ek map bnale aur uspe samjhaye plzzz

Yes I know they’re often the same people but still think it’s funny lol. 🙂


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