And my third eye opened……

When ur production is boomin and the invisible hand keep goin

I love Stephen Fry so much. I cant listen to almost anyone else talk about their psychological problems without being very turned off. The horrible thing about dealing with the real high and low aspect of bipolar is that to lessen the depressive period you also have to commit to lessening the highs. And the highs are absolutely amazing and make the feelings you get on ecstasy or meth or any other drug feel like pale imitations of true joy. Someone needs to sort this the fvxk out please, cos that would be tops.

Thank of the vedio

Eso es de los creadores de little inferno segurooooo

Please no cuss words, Tony!

Oligopolies is the way of life for America.

Nowadays people have the tendency to prefer satisfy their basic instincts by immediately watching TV without taking the extra step of opening a book & taking the time to read.

How I found my talent? I was rebellious and I was told I couldn’t do art that I was no good at it so I spent all day drawing instead and now I’ve been accepted into Pratt and am going to Disney during spring break for a workshop with the animators, and had I not been bold and decided to listen to the teachers and gone to play a sport, I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now.

Lindsey Pollak: Getting from college to career (career skills needed)

This is an RTS

The task of memorizing william blake

Hey, if anyone needs it I’ve done a huge list of all the vocab needed for AQA French GCSE


I can go anywhere.


Cringe at the end but πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ


Love his accent! beautiful!


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