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A masterpiece

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But if i free myself of my desires there will be no point in doing anything at all really… One who doesn’t desire anything will die.

Clear, informative and interesting. Thanks!

I did get that feeling too lol. But fuck it, he’s noam chomsky and none of his boasting undermined anything he said

Ah!! So excited to watch this 👌🏼 snapchat is kaykay_jackson

Was tht naruto in the film at 3:25???

“Y-chromosomal Adam is named after the Biblical Adam. This may lead to a misconception that he was the only living male of his times, even though he co-existed with plenty of men around. However, all his other male contemporaries failed to produce a direct unbroken male line to the present day.”

What about specialization in a firm?

Talk about liber antichristos



Here’s how you can tell that Trump is an effective communicator. He battled against the entire media industrial complex and utterly humiliated and wrecked them with the power of his charisma and a simple message of America first.

“she’s not used to men disagreeing with her”


A poem by me:

This got me through the last 3 semesters of undergrad. Hopefully it will bring me the same success in grad school!

But still, in auxiliary verbs: they avoid perfect forms, preferring Präteritum: isch konnd, isch mussd, isch doffd (durfte), Isch wolld, Isch möschd…



“Now let’s master the joy of living”

11: Coming Up For Air

As someone who has been developing his own conlang for a while now, this is definitely a series I’ll be keeping my eye on (although I’m just stuck at the “word-making” stage – I keep resorting to just mashing letters together and seeing the results)

I will play this at my funeral

What is polycarbonate sheet?

Young thug is a musical god, a genius, regular people can’t understand it

Speak English in America, country boy lol.

All of world population growth in the next few years will be from Africa. ALL. So explain to me why importing more africans into (what’s left of) the western world is conducive to your environmentally-minded agenda.

Also we are not prepared to face the robot world unless we find John Conor.

Can you all shut up about being early

And the answer is no because the people obsessed with racism are usually racist the people obsessed with sexism are usually sexist

You should totally make subtitle for everyone to understand…..

You’re very welcome 🙂

“Anthropology as a field has been far from courageous

I wonder if those born in war zones or abusive families have as much trouble believing in aging, sickness and death.



Min 6:48 “He’s an Irishman…” Riiiight. Fassbender, awesome Irish last name dude. The dude’s German.

By Gallifreyan at 4:56 do you mean by Doctor Who?

Awesome channel!

The ending reminds me of hot rod when andy was pronouncing the h in his sentences when he was going to go skate down hill

Btw stephen looks like a grown up dudly from hp

I read through most of the replies on here. I think that is a sensible youtube video. My brother just wants to become awesome with the hottest young ladies. He began to understand a lot from a web page called Master Attraction. (Google it.) The guidance on the subject of attracting chicks in nightclubs in the emails coming from that website gave got him his first bedroom encounters in 2 long yrs. I’ve been displeased though coz I heard them all.

Tear glands: Rebel.

You think thats an “A”? is it just me or is this aint adding up, because thats clearly a triangle

Why don’t we all stand up for this, teach people that this is wrong. Every time I see a factory puffing smoke or a car engine reving I just get mad. I’m young so I can’t do much more than tell people this isnt right but we need to stop this. This song inspires me, it should inspire everyone. So I tell you, get a Prius.

At least this shows that Chomsky will engage with whoever and that’s a lesson that needs to be learned. Whether Google learned anything is doubtful, but you’ve gotta try.

I am struggling to find the money for my gap year what company did you get the grant with??🌎

Is this video also a part of propaganda?

I got 21-29.. Im 10… ;o;

I’m doing Macbeth, and Jane Eyre

Josef Haydn.



I learned Japanese just so I didn’t have read subtitles in anime, I know I’m a filthy weeb. It did help me get into a good university though so…

Thanks for disproving Will Smith’s bad Nigerian accent. I am Nigerian and that was non-sense. But not all Nigerians use the ‘d’ to pronounce ‘the”. Educated people know to use /th/

Open tablet = > success? Your opinion ≠ fact.

Now we’re all gunna have the same context – reckon the examiners will clock?

Here comes trouble,

Red alert 2. ftw!

I think this looks really good on paper, but then again so did communism. I don’t think it’s possible to unite everyone through empathy. Even if we all could become one big happy country, go walk down the street to the other side of your neighborhood and you will see differences between people’s lives. Just because we all become one country does not mean there isn’t going to be any conflicts and we will all become as he states “compassionate” and “affectionate”

I was writing a story. I was bugged by the lack of sound, i couldn’t think. I put this music on. Ideas flew into my head. Thank you. 🙂

This was exactly what I needed to exemplify the model to the private student I’ve been working with. Thank you for sharing.

And Brazil is good at making coffee.

I need an anger translator! I am so angry that these assholes are still debating climate change and are doing nothing to stop the biggest threat humanity has faced!

Anprim that you? 🤔

Can someone please tell me what the song from the very beginning is?

Imagine your a programmer, and your job is literally trying to make a bot to replace you.

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Hebrew has the possessive which is somewhat like the genitive case. For example we say BAYIT for house, but BEYT-SEFER for school (house of a book). Another example, a queen in MALKAH, but the queen of England is MALKAT ANGLIYA. There are also traces of the dative: BAYIT is a house, but to go home, we change the word BAYIT to HAB-BAYTAH, to the house.

Um! um! um! um! spit it out! spit it out! get to the point! (huh!)

Mr Clifford you save my lifeee!!

Abl. niebieskim piórem / niebieskimi piórami

WHERE IS WARRIORS?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome lecture. You’re the man

Thank you so much for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great video once again!



I’ve watched a couple of these In-Text Citations MLA videos… this is the best one yet. Thanks so much! It was exactly what I needed.

/watch? v=9Cz8ZwaJe24&list=FLghkPciP1_vvQPEu2yoa-cg&index=1

They need work because of their family steve cutts is a lier


Being male or female isn’t abstract.

I’m not smart enough to understand half of what he’s saying, but I love this anyway. Also, Navajo has now become my new favorite accent!

His last words were “You be good, I love you”

I would taise my hand to answer against the proposition of a lotery too:

Dershowitz hates Chomsky because he calls the jewish treatment of Palestinians “apartheid”. And that punctures your “He hates everything that’s not jewish” argument, that you completely just took out of your ass.

Very well explained topic on HRM. Thank you.

He cant handle someone be straight up with him cuz hes a white male in a suit hes so used to two faced rappers with that dress up in trash.

As much as I dislike Deluded Donny’s speaking, Jennifer Sclafani got me to stop cringing and actually listen to the Orange Orangutan speak. I don’t think I could listen without her but I was really impressed with her analysis.

Holy funking shit I’m buy this game

1. Trolly driver – Flip the switch and kill the one guy. Five against one. Simple as that.

This is great, I like it so much. hope you could upload more like this. thanks

15:00 – 15:04 is that Jeff Bezos?

Germanic (from Proto-Germanic), emerged around 3300 BC,[11] earliest testimonies in runic inscriptions from around the 2nd century AD, earliest coherent texts in Gothic, 4th century AD. Old English manuscript tradition from about the 8th century AD.



I resent her PSYCHOTIC SLURS for the HOMOPHOBIA they generate..

Listening to motivational speakers is always amazing to me because it approves that if you have a motivational speaker and media you get : “Tony Robbins” if you have a motivational speaker and a bunch of brainless people you get a ” cult” if you have a motivational speaker and a brutal army you will get a ” religion “. good thing he doesn’t have an army

4. please don’t think im not thinking


Very easy language 👌

Well what about addiction, it kind of throw up the marginal utility diminution by actually increasing

Crime and Punishment

All you have to do is stop her after the first two words, don’t let her talk frustrate her. That is the way to win over her. In order to win over women, You have to think like a woman. Not be a woman just out think this particular woman.

Thank u, u saved my life fr

Which human being dislikes this?

GOD! Even Beethoven is giving me a look that says “GIRL! Go and study!”

Anyone who loves Dizzy is alright by me 🙂

Wait, If the chococolate illusion proves that it is infinite… Doesn’t that mean that 1+2 doesn’t always equal 3? For example (As if Its the only factor) 1+1+1, But they would always be adding to each other to make up three. So 1.5 +1 + .5 (1.5+.5) + 1 = 3 So if you make that infinite doesn’t that mean that 3 COULD be the biggest number?

Ok………..right…………sounds good……..zzzzz….oh no im not falling asleep….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The novel is about how history repeats itself. That’s pretty much what he said at the end of the novel

Why did you draw a worm? XD

Very very very very very worst vedio



If he does another video on conlangs I would like to see him do Al bhed form Final Fantasy 10.

(Perhaps you have noticed there’s a very high incidence of famous people dying in car

I’m taking the writing FSA

Thanks Mr. Armin

As someone with advanced programming skills, I can confirm, this is cringe worthy.

Trying to teach myself German before learning Swiss German… I m enjoying it but I don’t have anyone to practice with 🙁

So since a few decades, we hear all the time about the native two-spirit people,

Tom hanks as sully

Conclusion: I refuse to kill anybody, but if I’m on a situation that I have no option but to kill, I will minimize the damage.


Hey Liz I would be thankful if you teach how to write body paragraph and conclusion too. Please!

Φιλοσοφια = φιλος(friend) + σοφια(wisdom) = friend of wisdom

YoUr alive brusspip

I don’t usually like the theme of literature, or language clases but since its from you il give it a try 🙂

Where is Dostoevsky?

Happy New Year! Thanks for all of your very interesting and informative videos. Will you please do a video on the Tibetan language?

Ultimate review pakcet what else can i do i really wanna do smt to show

A terribly cute video indeed! Thanks!

Skinner knew that an ‘innatist’ named Hitler was molded and shaped by his environment. He knew that phylogeny of behavior, as close to innate as he could see, was how we acquire behavior over the lifetime of a species and are born with certain behaviors. He knew that contingencies of reinforcement guarantee what society is or is not. He didn’t invent ‘behaviorist mechanisms’ to manipulate, rather, he learned and showed us what largely controls behavior. Free will is not a behaviorist mechanism.



Soon to be a movie by Warner Bros.

Great video dude

Does it really count as counting the infinite, if you never finish?

I am Mohammad Haider from Afghanistan. I have a question if you explain me in detailed explanation about Limited Company in Example of Microsoft. Because I have doubt about that If Microsoft is a Large Corporation so if it ownership limited to its Shareholders then what does the Bill Gate Own in the Company?

Crash Course Philosophy?

Ye ye ye prostrate and bow in deep reverence to the greatest of greatest saint o b a m a the munificent, the most refined educated and perfect of men.

Brilliant Video, worth a watch, your voice is relaxing, and you flow from each point to the next really smoothly, love it!

Thank you

Dear Liz how much essay in writting task 2 total? plz hel me

I’m a slave but that’s ok bc so r u

YES!!YES!!! please listen to this man. Thank you for speaking for all of us. Young generations we are the future. Love to this man MUA MUA

The presentation was made very profesionally and I learned some very interesting facts that will be useful for me and a lot of other people who have watched this video! Thank you so much!



Excellent video

Very useful

Sad reality

That aside: awesome vid, guys. Love your work. Keep it up.

3 strikes and you biddin’ for life, mandatory(A)

An amazing thinker.

2001: Space Odyssey?



@ Siddhartha – It would seem to me that IF the majority of India wants to enforce a cast based system the USE IT TO EXPLOIT THEM. They have set up the Dalit to do all the things they will not, ok fine – Every Dalit in India band together and STOP being their toilet cleaners for one week. ALSO increase your prices by 3000% and make it something ALL DALITS do at the same time. Use their Cast system AGAINST THEM!! If only a Dalit can do it, then make them pay for the privilege of a Dalit doing the work. The Cast system can be seen as a Union of workers. Refuse to clean a toilet unless they pay a 3000% price increase. Only a Dalit can do this. So make Dalits as highly paid as a doctor.

Fun fact Farsi-arabic uses the same alphabet as as standard arabic.

This is what you learn in 7th grade


Whats the spotify playlist called?

Shy – For some, meeting up and talking to a stranger is a daunting thing to do.

“if you tried to take what the earth provide you’ll be locked away”

Every human being should watch this

This might go viral Mr. Clifford, good job, you made me laugh. By the way, i made 70 out of 84 in my macro midterms thanks to you, hope you maintain your videos.

Applied by the Germanic androphagi to invade Europe via Celto-Slavic

We should continue to let the bots do the simple and cheap work but leave the slightly-more-complicated and the high paying jobs for humans because humans tend to do those jobs better and can make them earn living and the bots should stay because the cheap jobs are pretty, you know, CHEAP.

Pitoyable et criminel

Best way for students of economics to learn economics in detail

Despite being a native 4-case language speaker I enjoyed this very much and learned a lot.

Alhamdulillah I am a Muslim and in Islam there is no cast system. No difference between black and white no existence of Untouched..

Production 😄😄 shi hai

Your precious advice 😊😊

Meh…”authentic persona”…I think she’s a Trump supporter.




3. It’s a formal paper so you don’t use contractions like “don’t” or “they’re” or “can’t” or “it’s”. You spell out both words.

Love this talk!! Very interesting!!

What song name?

I wish these videos existed when I was studying economics in High School! You guys are doing such an amazing job

They tik ir jiiib

Alain – who can I ask to get my book prescription?!

The AP is in about 2 weeks, let’s go!!!!!!!!!!

Ok at 1:02 why are we covering history now I learnt that with John green

Hold down the CTRL key when making a line, and it will stay straight.

Good explanation some of the things that we didnt no it will help from u


Does that mean this can be applied to the Universe to prove that it is infinite?

Thank you ❤

I drank milk after this

Batman is being a rule utilitarian. His whole thing is about how everyone else is corrupted and only by keeping to his rules can the peace be kept. The hero we need vs the one we deserve is all about that! The line is one of societal justice.

Vocal coach and “accent expert” uses the term “English accent”. Totally an expert…

I studied linguistics at college, and let me say, sir, this knowledge makes you *hot*.

Most of you people, you probably don’t know what I’m sayin’, hold up!