Notice how there is a pronunciation of ay-e-ac-in that keeps repeating

All animals are dead

How about this approach: self confidence comes from accepting your good and bad sides. Accept that you’re worse in some things than some other people, but also better at something. It’s completely ok to not be amazing at hockey or giving good speeches.

(I think (if memory serves) it was Rousseau who said _ society that makes claims to “being Civilized” by how that society treats its most _ members”_ )

Yo voy por el episodio final del juego a mi me parecio facil y no es porque sea un prodigio de matematicas : la solucion es :!!! AVESTRUZ. Exe!!

Can you please do George Orwell’s 1984

I am creative yay

But then when I saw Christian people in the United States with their up tight and short dress, accessories everywhere, talking to other girls with prideful, the guys wore amazing tuxedo and comparing one another tuxedo or saying how cool the tuxedo was and also some kids were just playing with their ipads and ipads without talking to other kids or elderly people there, i walked down the church while i was running in the evening, then some of them looked at me like i was kind of Asian shit around their church, I felt really broken. Is this how Christian people dress, treat, other people around? is being prideful and wealthy and rich is the most important?

Please please please reply me back 😄😁

I meant the necessary anatomy not the necessary physiology

Except Aristotle was right about dolphins being mammals and that, in many stories, the main character has both a recognition and reversal. So he was right at least twice which is more than being right at least once which is the minimum amount to avoid being 100% wrong 100% of the time! XD

I love your videos! They are amazing! Are you planning on making a unit 2 practice question video like you did for unit one?

This lasted for some seconds.. I think my body couldn’t take it. I tell you I was an atheist. I hated religion. That day after the experience (it happened the first night we bombed Iraq) I fell to my knees and said “thank you.” To Whom I don’t know.

Interesting talk. I’m a native Korean and it took me about a year of full immersion to achieve conversational English fluency. I remember enduring many humiliating moments when I would jack up words or phrases but you have to forcefully push through that if you want to gain mastery of a language. This naturally becomes harder to do as you get older unless you’re extremely extroverted and thick skinned.

WRONG! The chicken crossed the road to avoid those greedy carnivores. Yes, it refused to be eaten. My name is Chicken Keeper and I approved this.


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