Other than that i liked it

Why does this man remind me of Steve jobs? Not like Steve jobs did anything like this?

Judith Butler does this all the time. She makes no qualitative distinction between her lesbianism,

“house husband” lol

I just want it all to end..!?

This niggas thinking too hard, he’s just rapping bruh.

What about Pennsylvania Dutch? The Amish use it here.

Very easy language 👌

If I recall reading about it, didn’t Sartre embrace theism on his deathbed? Which totally ticked off his partner Simone de Beauvoir

Thank you for sharing.

All other movies use it but Marvel don’t and that’s why movies look more realistic, what they probably intented to do. I personally like this better. Looks more realistic and classy

Love it

Nope prefer the dull look, makes it less DC movie looking

This is what FASCISTS DO WHEN FASCISM has gained a foothold! The inverted fascist totalitarian corporate coup d’etat is complete! We have a hollowed veneer of democracy and institutions in name only! This will all end badly!

Just gotta watch his eyes and see that he just hopes for the best.

Plants you shouldn’t eat.

The plug

Boy it all came together when I was born. My fathers “devil may care” attitude, as well as his substance abuse tendencies, and my mothers family’s hyper existential awareness. Weak willed and pessimistic white trash with no motivation and a 120 I. Q. I’m a ticking time bomb. I want vengeance… For being born… Fuck the human condition and it’s sick twisted creator. I don’t want this and I didn’t ask for it, yet I can’t help but be scared of the next step because that is the “natural” response. This existence is cruel and unusual punishment. An entire worthless species born with terrible anxiety. What higher power would play such a sick fucking joke? I don’t get it. I’m broke now and I’ve run out of alcohol and cocaine. They just turned my Netflix off. If I had more self control over my financial situation and didn’t compulsively blow every dime I earn, via back breaking manual labor, on my several addictions i’d buy a pistol and end it. Y’all think I’m playing. George Carlin, my figurative god stand in, come to me and tell me this is all an elaborate hoax. Wretched fucking ape I am!!!!! You bunch of fools!!!!! I’m better than you animals why was I cast down amongst you?

Nerdfighter Brethren: if you HaVe to read a non-fiction book…try “Stiff” by Mary Roach (in the medical area of your fav bookstore). It’s actually quite funny! A reporter writes about several different things that would happen to your cadaver if you donate it to “science”. Kind of embarrassing if you get caught laughing out loud whilst reading such a book, but sometimes laughing crazily has to happen!

Net neutrality is bring eroded just one way power is trying control the web


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