Lol, that’s what you think. shows what you know.

Who else is just here to listen to some good music?

This was a brilliant analysis, I’m sure that people with the ability naturally mimic others can appreciate this detailed breakdown and explanation as to how we do what we do

That’s the problem with these new generations. Their parents are brainwashing the children with “you’re so special, highly intelligent, you can do everything you put your mind into, etc.” When they face real life, then cannot cope with the reality that they are just one of seven billion. You shouldn’t allow your son to lie and believe in a false accomplished – he didn’t score any goals.


I’m an English speaker, learning Japanese for the first time but struggle with pronouncing the words. Who can speak Japanese and is willing to help me out?

Hot girl

Could you please add subtitle for each videos?

And then people say that feminism is obsolete

They are getting on my last damn nerve!

I have a paper due today and I don’t even have a word written yet. I hope this music helps


Cynthia from Rawanda is so beautiful

Damn white ppl be so mad

Oh how this madman truly longs for a nihilist that clings to the eternal nothingness…

Light skin Indians are mixed with Muslim Moghul rulers.

You’ve recited essentially the same basic point that every teenager seems to arrive at: namely, “if people could communicate correctly then problem XYZ wouldn’t exist.” And not surprisingly, you’ve framed it in a way that isn’t falsifiable and is thus pointless.

“night trap is destiny to fail”… aaaand now is on steam.

Thank you so much ma’am

It’s funny to hear arguments such as “you gotta do what you gotta do” and “murder is murder” from Harvard students.

The fact that he has no real opinions of his own, combined with his incoherent and yet always vaguely hateful manner of speaking, allows the bigots of the nation to essentially project their own views onto him.

I agree with so much of this. How can this not be policy?

Fun fact: J. D. Salinger, the author of “The Catcher in the Rye”, is in the book “Night”. He was the soldier near the end, and was one of the first soldiers who had any knowledge of the concentration camps during WW2.


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