Keep moving forward. a good message…thanks.

“faulter under the stars” haha i see what he did there(;

Prisoner’s dilemma’s lead right into the tragedy of the commons


BIGDICK or firstborn

Practice doesn’t make perfect if your not practicing perfectly

Took this moron 2 years to figure this out? Bill burr said it best. “The difference between Hillary and trump is Hilary will kill someone and bury them and trump just dumps them on the street”

Maybe some kids aren’t ready for college. I think you get what you put in to it. If the lack of doing is driving you nuts; assist graduates with research, apply for internships that give you hands on experience, come up with an independent study project with real world application.

Michel Foucault, who is without doubt a founding father of Queer Theory,

Was that not extremely ironic? It was entertaining, and I want to agree with it, but because it is of itself also that which it criticizes, my agreement/support would be paradoxical. Also, “actioned” is “ugly” because it is not very descriptive (It is not clear what someone may mean if they just say,”he actioned it that day” unlike the other examples you make a comparison to which would communicate a much richer/clearer/vivid idea in the same context: “he actioned [instead try envisioned/sanctioned/etc.] it that day”) and I think even a futrufied Shakespeare would thirst for a less dehydrating word, but do so not because it is new, but rather because it flushes the opportunity to use any of a limitless potential for words that are several times more expressive.

Beethoven. exe

I listen to this while paying my taxes online, it calms down the rage of see my money fly away…

Thank you

I was sure you’d include Solzhenitsyn’s “Archipelago GULAG”. I mean… Harry Potter?


You simplify ielts to me thanx alot.

Of course, the way you have derailed the language is ‘deconstructive,’ which is ironic.

Behaviorism and Developmental Approaches

This me wanna try Buddhism…I’m going to try it.


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