It’s funny how religion got into this. Presented clearly by an atheist who rejects religion on the surface, but also acknowledges that the golden rule is paramount and that there were an actual Adam and Eve. Still he takes time to point out that there is no empathy in haven. How does that even make sense? Why wouldn’t there be empathy in haven? It’s the one place you’d expect there to loads of it, if haven were real.

It’s such an insignificant thing. I’d be more interested to know what Mike Taylor’s opinion of women is. You can always tell talking to a guy if he’s sexist or not by the way he talks about women, especially when there’s none around. For me, if a guy in conversation refers to women as ‘dumb sluts’ or anything like that, that is a million times more damning than wearing that shirt.

I’m really worried about GCSEs I have to choose them next year and I have no idea what to choose 😭😫

Thanks for this video i pass my ielts, i follow your style..tnx again

Was that not extremely ironic? It was entertaining, and I want to agree with it, but because it is of itself also that which it criticizes, my agreement/support would be paradoxical. Also, “actioned” is “ugly” because it is not very descriptive (It is not clear what someone may mean if they just say,”he actioned it that day” unlike the other examples you make a comparison to which would communicate a much richer/clearer/vivid idea in the same context: “he actioned [instead try envisioned/sanctioned/etc.] it that day”) and I think even a futrufied Shakespeare would thirst for a less dehydrating word, but do so not because it is new, but rather because it flushes the opportunity to use any of a limitless potential for words that are several times more expressive.

Everyone has an accent. It’s pretty ignorant to think that the way you speak is the right way. This video should be called, “I make my husband speak like me and then I ridicule him when he struggles with it.”

John green why do you love raping kids??????

Lmao. Smh😂

I hope people will listen to you so we can save earth together. Don’t ever stop!

What a blessing this production is for me. I can’t thank you enough! What wonderful spirits have accomplished this movie picture. We are so seperated, that this is a real medicine for our dried out souls and hearts, our blind eyes and deaf ears. God bless! Namaste!

Bjp always raising non issues,

No one wants you to know the world that is shown at 58:35. Because that is the real down side of our consumer society. It generates massive amounts of trash, as one thing after another is used up and discarded. There are mountains of trash in this world yet who has ever seen one? You? Go play on Twitter and Facebook while this planet is choking to death.

Am I the only 7th grader who is learning this in school xD

How boring.

Unlike everyone else i got here because kubz scouts played this and showed up 😀

So in another dimension there suddenly appears a giant wad of cash basically a small loan of a billion dollars. . . . .


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